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What's included?

Grocery list for each week  

A master game plan that lists exactly what you need to do EVERY SINGLE day for the next 3 months!  

Cooking demos for EVERY SINGLE meal you prepare! The videos were shot in real time, meaning I followed the game plan exactly to prove its efficiency and feasibility. 

Time-saving meal prepping tips and shortcuts that will become second nature once you begin to implement 

Videos showing baby’s plate for EVERY SINGLE meal so you can see how exactly to serve the dishes you lovingly prepared. 

Videos of my baby eating all the meals to help give you the confidence and reassurance that YES! your baby is capable of handling everything you’re about to serve. 

Valuable tips like how to handle gagging, the mess, crying, etc. are included.

Dependable easy, veggie-loaded, delicious recipes you’ll find yourself making over and over again

FREE Bonus Ebook Baby led weaning Beginner Bites 

FREE Bonus Ebook Baby led weaning Comfort Meals 

FREE Bonus Ebook Kid Friendly One Pot Meals


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Baby Led Feeding Journey

The A-Z of Feeding Your Baby!

This program is everything you need to do, the exact steps to getting started with baby led feeding. This program will show you exactly how to introduce foods, textures, spices and even the top allergens to your baby.

This is 12 weeks of step by step with videos and meal plans to take the stress out of feeding your baby.

This program is for you if you:

Want to expose your baby to as much variety of flavors and textures as possible without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen

Are scared of choking and want to know exactly how to prepare and serve foods that are developmentally appropriate 

Want to know exactly how to introduce and continue serving the top allergens in a strategic way 

Want peace of mind that your baby is getting all the essential nutrients, like iron, zinc, omega 3s, to grow and thrive 

Want to keep challenging and progressing your baby with texture 

Want to learn how to adapt family meals for baby instead of cooking separate meals

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